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      The future of food

      The food and beverage industries face big changes over the next few years. Covid-19 has not only turned the spotlight on demand for food supplies but also the need for the global food system to change. Helping to stay on top of these shifts in production and consumer demand is food tech (in all its various guises).

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      System reboot

      Governments around the world are edging toward plans to exit their lockdowns. These may be at different speeds and in different ways, but food businesses just like many others are asking what the future holds.


      You shoot, you score

      Nestlé and a wide range of stakeholders are calling for Nutri-Score to become the mandatory front-of-pack nutrition labelling system across the European Union (EU).


      Sign of the times

      Associated British Foods’ release of its interim results and subsequent statement shows just what businesses are going through now, and probably will be for some time going forward.

      Eliminating the artificial

      We’re in an age where natural foods and the natural nutritious benefits of ingredients are highly sought after.?Functional nutrients are a key trend that the food and drink sectors need to be aware of, according to Euromonitor International.


      Bottling up problems

      On my most recent trip to the supermarket, I couldn’t help but notice discarded bottles, wrappers and all sorts of detritus on the way to, and within the bounds of, the shops.

      Coming together

      Well, we’re in lockdown now.?The Prime Minister has imposed unprecedented restrictions on people’s movements, which will be enforced through the police to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic. However, the one thing that does shine out is the sense of community that has sprung up.

      Panicked shopping

      Coronavirus has set in train a number of challenges for brands and policy makers. As consumers take protective measures against the virus, their health/financial concerns and their subsequent behaviours have had (and will have) an enormous social and economic impact.

      Avoiding plastic soup

      Fifteen European countries and 66 companies have entered into a partnership committed to making all plastic packaging recyclable and suitable for reuse.

      Show and go

      The purpose of the showcase was to interact with the people behind the brands, alongside talking to the businesses about ways to keep innovating in a highly competitive sector.

      No beefing around

      Cargill has the nous, the heft/scale, ingredients and R&D to make the move into meatless an interesting one going forward.

      Bottling up sustainability

      Britvic joins a growing number of companies around the world in sectors ranging from chemicals to industrials to food and agriculture tapping into a growing market for green capital.

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