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      Warding off February food blues

      Causing a stir

      February can be a rather dreary affair in many respects. However, the food and drink industry is not in the same position during this particular time of year. February allows us to get an overview of the new regulatory introductions from the beginning of the year as well, a good perspective on the year to come as well as time to look towards the spring trade show season.

      In the colours and flavours feature on page 19, suppliers discuss their attitudes to the new European Commission guidelines on colouring foods. The general opinion is that it increases transparency and show substantial progress – not only for consumers who request clarity on natural foods, but also for manufacturers of foods and beverages. Different legal concepts with regard to colouring foodstuffs can be avoided in the various member states in future.

      This issue also includes reflections on trends for the coming year in the areas of food research, flavourings and commercial bakery, while our new ‘Through the keyhole’ page looks at recent installations at food and drink manufacturing facilities.

      The NutraFormulate preview can be seen on page 17 and Packaging Innovations on page 29 of this issue. NutraFormulate addresses the developments in functional foods through a backdrop of the latest scientific research.? Several key UK research organisations will highlight different aspects of process and product optimisation. Follow with an appearance at Packaging Innovation and its six other co-located shows, and you should be in a position to bring a great new product with stand-out packaging to the market. Looking forwards to that should be more than enough to ward off the February food blues.

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