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      Welcome to Food & Drink Technology – the monthly journal for ingredients, processing and packaging in the food and beverage industries.


      Food & Drink Technology is an editorially led journal featuring the best in technical and business news, analysis, comment, plant profiles, interviews and product developments. It also has regular geographic and industry sector reviews, giving a high quality comprehensive view of the European food industry.

      From a strong editorial base, Food & Drink Technology is well placed to provide the best possible coverage of industry developments and guarantees a high profile at exhibitions, conferences and industry events.

      The magazine has a readership of over 28,000, comprised mainly of senior and middle managers – in other words, the decision makers.

      Bell Publishing

      Bell Publishing Ltd is an international publisher of highly targeted trade journals and websites covering the food and packaging industries.

      As well as Food & Drink Technology, we publish leading titles Tea & Coffee Trade Journal, Dairy Industries International, Confectionery Production and CanTech International.


      Rodney Jack
      E-mail: [email protected]
      Tel: +44 1474 532202


      Katie Healy
      Advertising Sales Manager
      Food & Drink Technology
      Tel: +44 1474 532 202
      Fax: +44 1474 532 203
      E-mail: [email protected]
      Web: www.bellpublishing.com

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