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    Round-Up: Shelf Life

    Round-Up: Shelf Life

    Here is your weekly round-up of Shelf Life news. Next week’s round-up will focus on ingredients news. To submit an item for inclusion, please contact Carly Wood at?[email protected].

    • UK snacking cheese brand Dairylea has unveiled a new addition to its Dunkers range – Dairylea Dunkers Nachos.
    • Rachel’s has announced the launch of its new Greek style Lemon and Gin yogurt, available exclusively in Sainsbury’s stores across the UK to mark its 25-year relationship with the retailer.
    • This month low calorie soft drink Zeo is celebrating a brand relaunch to mark the introduction of a new, no added sugar range.
    • British drinks brand Cawston Press has announced a new addition to its Kids Blend range: The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cloudy Apple juice.
    • Innovative Bites, the UK supplier and manufacturer of snacks and sweets, has added ‘squeezed’ Elephant pretzels to its healthier snack range.
    • Lactalis Nestlé, the UK fresh dairy products venture, has launched Aero Heavenly – a mousse in a large, shareable pot, with hopes to innovate and boost the chilled desserts category.

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