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      World Milk Day sees the launch of UK’s Milk Manifesto

      Dairy UK celebrates World School Milk Day

      The Milk Manifesto has been launched today as people across the country are celebrating World Milk Day.

      Milk has been an integral part of the British diet for over 11,000 years and it continues to be one of the most popular drinks and ingredients in the UK.

      To celebrate World Milk Day (Thursday 1 June), leading UK nutrition scientists have signed up to The Milk Manifesto – a joint declaration which sets out the lifelong health benefits of consuming milk.

      Dr Anne Mullen, director of nutrition at The Dairy Council, says, “For centuries milk has been a staple in our diets, but recently in the era of fad diets and self-styled nutritionists offering ill-founded advice, it has come under criticism, and that’s why we, along with a number of leading nutritionists, have launched The Milk Manifesto.

      “It’s time we trusted the science. Milk is high in calcium, iodine and protein – all of which are all key nutrients that benefit children, teenagers and adults alike. Recent research also shows that milk has a protective or neutral or protective relationship with heart health and type 2 diabetes.”

      Carolyn Summerbell, professor of nutrition at Durham University, adds, “Milk is an important part of a healthy diet. Contrary to popular opinion, research has shown that milk consumption is not associated with obesity in population studies.”

      The Dairy Council is calling on academics, health professionals and health champions to give milk and milk products a higher priority than ever before.

      Dr Anne Mullen states, “Whether you’re young, old, sporty or simply interested in having a balanced diet, milk plays an important part in our development at all life stages and helps to keep our bodies nourished.

      “Over 30 countries across the world are celebrating World Milk Day. Let’s join them in raising a glass to milk – a nutrient packed food which has kept Britain healthy for centuries.”

      The Milk Manifesto can be accessed here: https://www.milk.co.uk/world-milk-day-2-2/

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