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      Round Up: Shelf Life

      Round Up: Shelf Life

      Here is your weekly round-up of Shelf Life news. Next week’s round-up will focus on ingredients news. To submit an item for inclusion, please contact Carly Wood at?[email protected].

      • Gluten-free pastry brand Too Good To Be Gluten Free has launched a new range of snack packs which includes cocktail sausages and mini Scotch eggs to target the growing snack market.
      • British chocolate brand Elizabeth Shaw has launched a new Dark Chocolate Mint Cream bar.
      • British baker Soreen has launched a more nutritious alternative in the cake category with its Disney Mini Loaves range.
      • Graze has launched energy fuelled Protein Bites in three flavours: Banana, Cocoa Vanilla and Honey & Seed.
      • Soft white cheese brand Philadelphia is bringing two innovations to the category this spring, with the launch of products ideal for sharing occasions.
      • Healthy biscuit brand BelVita is adding another duo to its UK range with the launch of Duo Crunch Chocolate Hazelnut.

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