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    Iceland unveils new ranges as part of plastics-free pledge

    Following its commitment to become the first major retailer globally to eliminate plastic packaging from all of its own brand products by the end of 2023, Iceland has revealed that the first ranges to be rolled out as part of the initiative will save a total of 150 tonnes of plastic every year.

    According to the frozen food specialist, the two new own-brand ranges –?Mumbai Street Co and Hungry Heroes?– provide shoppers with great value, quality food, inside environmentally-friendly packaging.

    Iceland has created packaging for the new ranges comprising paper based trays which are recyclable through domestic waste collection or in-store recycling facilities, and therefore less harmful to the environment.

    Richard Walker, Iceland’s managing director, says, “We’ve been working on our plastic-free pledge for the last 18 months and wanted to quickly demonstrate our commitment to it. The launch of these latest ranges in new recyclable board trays is just the start of Iceland’s journey to becoming plastics-free.

    “The ranges have been carefully developed so that shoppers can now enjoy fantastic quality food at great prices, without future generations having to pay for their dinner.”

    ?The launch marks a landmark partnership with Alder Hey Children’s Charity with five pence from every pack of?Hungry Heroes (£1.59 – £2.00)?going to the cause. The?nutritionally-balanced children’s meals include convenient versions of dishes which families like to cook from scratch at home, and were developed in collaboration with Channel Mum.

    Iceland head chef, Neil Nugent,?who developed the new ranges, comments,?“Hungry Heroes has been developed with kids’ favourite dishes in mind and we are delighted that it will also benefit the Alder Hey Children’s Charity.

    “Mumbai Street Co was informed directly by Britain’s changing eating habits and we are the first retailer to launch an Indian street food range. This is high quality, well-researched food, all wrapped in sustainable packaging.”

    Despite the rising interested in street food,?64% of people don’t have the confidence to cook it from scratch at home. Iceland is confident that the?Mumbai Street Co dishes (£1.50 or four for £5); provide the solution, with 16 and easy to cook?fusion Indian street food ‘small plates’ at a fraction of the cost of a similar dining out experience.

    The range includes a selection of fusion dishes that reflect the melting pot of flavours found on the streets of Mumbai including Goan Pulled Pork and Keema Hotpot.

    The plastic elimination initiative was developed in consultation with Greenpeace. Following Iceland’s pledge, 200 MPs from seven different political parties have written to the chief executives of the UK major supermarket chains urging them to eliminate plastic packaging from their products by 2023.

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