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      IFST Spring Conference ‘18 to explore the role of technology in food safety

      Artificial ingredients concern consumers

      As food supply chains are becoming increasingly more complex, food businesses are constantly challenged about the way they mitigate risks to deliver safe and nutritious food to the consumer.

      This is why the upcoming IFST Spring Conference (SC18) taking place on 19 April 2018 at University of Birmingham, UK will showcase the latest tools and technologies developed or adapted for the food sector, particularly focusing on their applications for managing risk.

      The event will bring together?internationally recognisable experts, with topics ranging from gut health and microbiome through cybersecurity and the use of blockchain.

      Keynote speaker, professor Ian Charles, director, Quadram Institute will talk about the importance of studying bacterial survival. He explains about his topic,?“Better understanding of the fundamental factors influencing life and death in bacteria is vital to keeping food safe, reducing antimicrobial resistance and supporting innovation in the food industry.”

      Another angle will be offered by Rob Chester, managing director of food safety, NSF who comments, “Despite concerted efforts over the years, food safety issues remain. Many people consider technology will bring the answers that the industry needs. Broadly I feel that is true, however there is a need to increase the speed at which the food industry develops these solutions.”

      Other speakers include:

      • Seamus Fanning, director of the UCD Centre for Food Safety
      • John Graydon, portfolio development executive, Siemens
      • James Flynn, founder and CTO, Primority
      • James Stafford, market development director, Avery Dennison
      • Bob Stevens, professor of smart materials and devices, Nottingham Trent University
      • Vincent Doumeizel, vice president, food & drink, Lloyds Register

      Lisa Jack, professor in accounting, University of Portsmouth, who will chair the event, says,?“The technologies to combat the risks around food safety are developing at a rapid rate.

      “IFST have put together an excellent panel of experts to bring us up to date on the challenges and the solutions on the horizon. I am greatly looking forward to being the chair for this conference.”

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