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    Britvic encourages consumers to Drink Differently

    Britvic encourages consumers to Drink Differently

    Britvic has announced its new category vision entitled Drink Differently, which reveals a £2.6 billion soft drinks sales opportunity over the next five years.

    Already worth £14bn, soft drinks are an intrinsic part of everyday life for consumers. The category has a high household penetration of 99% and figures show soft drinks are consumed twice a day on average. However, with soft drinks only featuring in one of three beverage occasions, there is still considerable headroom for growth.

    Britvic’s research has identified five drivers of category growth which are key to unlocking the soft drinks sales opportunity revealed through its Drink Differently category vision:

    • Created for kids – Create tasty, healthy soft drinks which are loved by kids and trusted by parents
    • Especially for adults – Motivate more adults to choose soft drinks, becoming their preferred choice on more occasions
    • Inspired lifestyle choices – Nudge the nation towards positive drinks choices, every day
    • Elevated food moments – Elevate every food moment with the perfect soft drink partnerships
    • Sensational social experiences – Create sensational social experiences re-defining the possibilities for soft drinks

    John Campbell, commercial operations director at Britvic, says, “The consumer landscape and the way people live their lives is fundamentally changing and now is the time for the category to evolve.

    “Soft drinks must adapt in order to maintain, but also grow their relevancy amongst consumers.? At Britvic, we want to share our insights with customers and work together to identify new opportunities to grow the category, all by getting the nation to Drink Differently.

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