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    Dairylea unveils sweet and savoury snack-packs

    Dairylea unveils sweet and savoury snack-packs

    UK-based snacking cheese brand Dairylea is combining sweet and savoury this spring with the launch of Dairylea Snackers.

    Available from this month, Dairylea Snackers Mini Oreo and Dairylea Snackers Mini Chocolate Cookies are two on-the-go snack-packs containing Dairylea cheese, crackers and cookie bites, a convenient snack to fuel kids’ busy schedules.

    The range additions will be supported as part of a £1.3m total brand marketing investment which will include digital and in-store activation.

    Rebecca Prout, senior brand manager for Dairylea, comments, “Innovation in Snacking Kits is a clear growth opportunity as the UK Snacks market is worth £41.6bn and, with a growth rate of +3.7%, is out-performing the rest of the food and beverage market.

    “We believe that combining Dairylea cheese with two popular biscuit flavours, will help unlock further sales in savoury snacking, which as a category grew by 5% in 2017 and will also harness the nations’ love for Chocolate Chip Cookies!”

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