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      Trek is raisin the bar with new launch

      Trek is raisin the bar with new launch

      Natural Balance Foods is set to unveil its latest Trek Protein Flapjack flavour, Trek Cocoa Raisin.

      Trek Cocoa Raisin Protein Flapjacks are said to combine the traditional flapjack flavour of sweet spicy cinnamon and raisins, topped with a layer of cocoa.

      The new product range is made with gluten-free oats and 9g of added plant-protein.

      Trek has also renewed its partnership with Tough Mudder – the active lifestyle brand that comprises obstacle course endurance events designed to test physical strength, mental grit, teamwork and camaraderie.

      Trek, as the official nutrition bar, will be onsite at all Tough Mudder events throughout the year to drive brand awareness and trial with Tough Mudder’s hundreds of thousands of participants throughout the UK.

      All Tough Mudder participants will be offered Trek samples on course at Tough Mudder events and as they finish.

      Natural Balance Foods will also use Tough Mudder as part of a larger, integrated marketing campaign across print, digital, social media, in-store and on packaging.

      Marina Love, marketing director, Natural Balance Foods, says, “Trek Cocoa Raisin Protein Flapjack’s nutrition credentials will appeal to the wide base of consumers looking for healthy snacks that support their fitness goals. This year we’ll be educating out target audience about the benefits of the Trek Protein Flapjack range.

      “This is a very exciting time for Trek, which is experiencing very strong growth and we believe this strategic approach to the 20 million plus consumers looking for healthy, nutritious snacking will help us to build an emotional connection – and sales – with a much broader shopper base than previously.

      Trek Cocoa Protein Flapjacks are available from in Sainsbury’s in both multi-packs (RRP: £2.49) and singles (RRP: 90p).

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