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      New heating solution for aseptic cartons

      New heating solution for aseptic cartons

      Research showing that the majority of consumers are dissatisfied with current heating methods for on-the-go drinks has led to the development of a microwaveable solution for aseptic carton packs.

      Developed by SIG, the new ‘Heat&Go’ pack is aluminium-free and can be heated in a microwave or vending machine.

      ‘Heat&Go’ offers protection to beverage products, and can be produced on existing SIG filling machines with a simple, one-time upgrade to enable it to run standard and aluminium-free material structures, explains Ali Kaylan, SIG’s vice-president of global marketing. “By replacing the aluminium foil with a high-barrier film and a light blocking pigment, it protects the product from oxygen ingress, flavour migration, light and water, and is perfectly suited for still drinks and low viscosity, sensitive, enhanced juice and liquid dairy beverages.”

      According to research by GlobalData in 50 countries, demand for hot drinks is likely to increase by 15% in value, and by 22% in volume between 2014-19. SIG’s own research in China revealed that 72% of consumers are dissatisfied with current heating methods for on-the-go products and are looking for new methods of fast and convenient heating with their increasingly cash-rich and time-starved lifestyles.

      “Our new high-barrier aseptic carton can be heated in the microwave up to 60oC, with a recommended temperature of 50oC, and allows brands and co-packers to launch innovative nutritional hot beverage products into new channels and categories,” adds Kaylan.

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