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      Vieve protein water gains first UK listing

      Vieve protein water gains first UK listing

      Vieve, a fruity protein drink will now be available at major online supermarket Ocado.

      All three of?Vieve’s?unique flavoured protein waters are available: Strawberry & Rhubarb,? Citrus, Apple & Mint?and the newly launched?Watermelon.

      “2019 will be?Vieve’s?2nd year of trading and we are excited to continue to grow our physical/digital availability with our first supermarket listing in the UK. We hope to show that through our listing with Ocado, much like Amazon, we can compete and win vs established brands and drive category growth for our retail partners with our innovative, fruit flavoured range of protein waters,” said the Vieve’s founder.

      Vieve’s?protein waters are infused with 20g of protein, and just 80 calories, perfect as a quick and convenient protein top up for those living active, on-the-go lifestyles.

      Vieve?utilises a collagen peptide formula?to ensure its products are more effectively digested – making it the first high-protein drink to use collagen as?it’s?primary protein source.?Using collagen over whey or casein makes Vieve a 100% dairy & lactose free product.

      The?Vieve?range is sold in 500ml bottles (RRP £2.49 per bottle or £11.99 for a pack of 6) and is available nationwide in 200 stores across the UK, as well as from www.drink-vieve.co.uk, Ocado, Amazon &?MuscleFoods.

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