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      New generation of Schoeller Allibert delivers savings

      New generation of Schoeller Allibert delivers savings

      Schoeller Allibert has introduced its new generation of versatile big boxes for savings throughout the fresh produce supply chain in addition to offering automated handling and electronic tracking & tracing.

      Commenting on the product launch, Ludo Gielen, Schoeller Allibert’s CEO said: “With Agriplus, we have decided to take the challenges of the 21st century: maintaining profitability on the fresh produce market while offering a range of reusable and recyclable big boxes with increased performance.”

      Thanks to the reduction of its internal angles, unloading is increased while efficiency at tipping is maximised.

      The pyramidal shaped base and curved walls design reduces shocks. The airflow is optimised through the walls and the base. It can be further enhanced by the use of a ventilation column for moisture sensitive produce like garlic and onions. The sloped surfaces shed water and speed up both sorting and washing process.

      Agriplus can carry loads of up to 500kg, while stacking up to 10 units high. While its 670L capacity maximises vehicle fill, Agriplus has a ventilated base and walls ideal for faster chilling. Chamfered base prevents shocks and wearing when handled by forklift trucks or on metal chain conveyors.

      Agriplus also includes large printing zones on all sides for labelling and to speed up automated and manual handling operations.

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