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      Tetra Pak scores double ‘A’ from CPD for climate change efforts and forest protection

      Tetra Pak scores double ‘A’ from CPD for climate change efforts and forest protection

      For the fourth time, Tetra Pak has been commended for its climate change efforts and action in driving for sustainable sourcing in its supply chain.

      The company is among the 2% of high performers to achieve ‘A List’ status with the global environmental impact non-profit CPD.

      Tetra Pak is one of 179 companies recognised for its cut to emissions, actions to mitigate climate risks and develop the low-carbon economy, and it is one of 8 companies recognised working to prevent deforestation in supply chains.

      Tetra Pak’s vice president of sustainability, Mario Abreu, said: “Our brand promise ‘Protects what’s good’ defines and influences everything we do, and sustainability is an integral part of the business decisions we make. The sustainability landscape has shifted dramatically, and the scale of the challenges ahead require radical change in thinking. To guide this new way of thinking we have launched ‘Planet Positive’ – urging everyone to take a broader view of sustainability and ensure we address the full impact of our business.

      “Across the company, we understand the tangible business benefits of disclosing our activities in this transparent way. Among other things it helps us measure and improve on our performance across the whole value chain. Inclusion in CDP’s A List for four years is as a result of continuous work to increase renewable energy usage, GHG emission reduction targets, actions taken to fight deforestation and responsible sourcing of raw materials.”

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