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      CSM Bakery Solutions launches new tiger paste variant

      CSM Bakery Solutions launches new tiger paste variant

      CSM Bakery Solutions has announced a new addition to its range of Arkady?Tiger?Pastes: the Mediterranean?Tiger?Paste.

      The range of ready-to-use?pastes, which can simply be brushed onto dough before proving, also includes Country Taste and Sea Salt & Black Pepper varieties.

      The Mediterranean?Tiger?Paste?is an aromatic green?paste?featuring garlic and Italian freeze-dried herbs.CSM Bakery Solutions launches new tiger paste variant

      The versatile?pastes are convenient to use, can be applied to any shaped dough and are a simple way to enhance bread rolls, baguettes and bloomers. CSM offers serving suggestions including toasted sandwiches, rolls alongside soup and filled baguettes.

      Personalisation is one of the biggest trends in food and drink and CSM’s?pastes allow bakers to customise breads with a premium and unique crust, offering a real USP with a signature bake.

      Holly Wales at CSM Bakery Solutions commented:?“We’re excited to reveal the latest addition to our ArkadyTigerPastes range, following the popularity of our original two varieties.

      “Tigerbread is a hugely successful trend this year, up 9% in value YOY, and a great opportunity for bakers and caterers to extend their range. Thesepastes will help businesses to offer personalisation to their breads by customising their crusts. We know customers will love it!”

      For more information, visit: www.csmbakerysolutions.com.

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