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      Manchester Gin introduces recycled glass bottles

      Manchester Gin introduces recycled glass bottles

      Manchester Gin has improved its sustainability by introducing environmentally friendly, recycled glass bottles.

      The move comes as part of a wider effort from the business to reduce its environmental impact. Yorkshire-based Allied Glass, the producer of the Manchester Gin bottles, promises an average of 55% recycled content in the make-up of each bottle. This percentage of recycled content will drastically reduce Manchester Gin’s energy consumption, carbon footprint and use of natural resources, whilst maintaining the aesthetic of its hexagon embossed packaging.

      To achieve this change, Allied Glass will source cullet from bottle banks and kerbside collection schemes throughout the UK, as Manchester Gin aims to source materials locally where possible. The glass can then be infinitely recycled without any deterioration in the quality of the product.

      Nolan Kane, head of Emerging Brands at Allied Glass said, “Manchester Gin are continuing to push the boundaries of its green credentials especially this switch to glass encompassing an average of 55% recycled content. We’re proud to partner with a brand that is so committed to sustainability in everything that they do.”

      This pioneering change was meant to support Manchester Gin’s bottle refill initiative, which is currently on hold due to coronavirus. The initiative would allow customers to bring empty Manchester Gin bottles back into Manchester Gin’s Spirit of Manchester Distillery for a £5 discounted refill of the same flavour gin in a new bottle.

      Master distiller and Manchester Gin co-founder, Seb Heeley, said, “All businesses have a responsibility to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Here at Manchester Gin we have taken many steps to reduce our carbon footprint and our latest pledge to use recycled glass will reduce this even further. We’re extremely satisfied knowing that we are helping the environment without compromising on our commitment to quality.

      “Allied have done a fantastic job with the bottle – they always have and helped us create our iconic hexagon-embossed glass. They’ve maintained amazing clarity in the glass, which looks almost identical to our old bottles. The hexagons have actually become more defined making the bottle more tactile and eye-catching.”

      Manchester Gin’s core range of gins consists of six flavours; Signature, Raspberry Infused, Wild Spirit, Overboard, Hacienda and Blackberry Infused, all of which are available in recycled glass on www.manchestergin.co.uk.

      For wholesale and sales enquiries, contact:?[email protected].

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