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    The Ethical Butcher rises to meet unprecedented demand due to coronavirus

    The Ethical Butcher rises to meet unprecedented demand due to coronavirus

    In February of this year, UK company?The Ethical Butcher?launched an?e-commerce site selling ethically sourced meats, with a transparency and traceability that is currently unprecedented in the industry.

    At?this time, coronavirus was not on the UK’s radar.?However, two months later and the The Ethical Butcher is reportedly?having to put plans in place to meet a level of demand that it had predicted for year three of its business.

    Farshad Kazemian, co-founder of The Ethical Butcher, commented: “As a newly launched business, the number of orders that we are experiencing is far higher than we?ever could have predicted. Our sales have increased by 1000% from February to March. The team and I are doing all that we can to keep up with the huge increase in sales and as such, have had to make major internal structural?improvements to adapt to the current climate.

    “We have tripled our workforce and already outgrown the original premises used for processing our meat. We had imagined that we’d be using this space for three years but we need more room!?We’ve had to increase working hours to ensure customers are receiving their orders within a time frame that suits and are also having to increase orders to our?farmers. Due to the levels of demand, we are selling out of products that are hard to replace. We have been offered replacement cuts but due to our company ethos, and the high ethical standards that we have, we would rather sell out than offer meat that falls short of our requirement just to make a profit.”

    Due to demand, The Ethical Butcher has launched a curated collection of meat boxes, including:

    • The freezer box – Essential cuts of 100% pasture fed diced beef and lamb, as well as mince – £55
    • The family box – A wide selection of cuts including basics and luxuries – £145
    • The lamb box – Half of a whole lamb – £145
    • The steak box – A luxury selection of 100% grass fed steaks – £120
    • The April basics box – A selection of best selling products for day-to-day dining – £75

    The Ethical Butcher has committed to being as ethical as possible in every aspect of its business. Even?during a period of?unprecedented?sales growth,?the?packaging materials?used to transport the company’s meat are recyclable, and its vacuum packs are fully compostable and the first of their kind to be used in Europe.

    Looking forward, The Ethical Butcher has said it is committed to growing its business, with the aim of converting more farmers to adhering to the company’s standard of ethics. To do this, The Ethical Butcher will be providing the necessary education through a bursary, which financially assists farmers to switch to ethical production methods.

    For more information, visit: www.ethicalbutcher.co.uk.

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