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      Dash Water breaks into the US market

      Dash Water is expanding to the US through a strategic partnership with tech-enabled beverage distributor, Iris Nova.

      Iris Nova uses a proprietary text-to-order platform that allows each brand in the portfolio the ability to communicate directly and transact with customers over text message. The Iris Nova portfolio features eight innovative beverage brands, including well known US brand Dirty Lemon.

      Iris Nova will launch Dash Water, the first brand they have taken on outside the US, on their platform from the 24 June 2020 making it available for consumers to purchase across the US.

      “Dash water is compelling not only in the quality and flavour of their products but also in their commitment to sustainability. By using otherwise discarded (wonky) fruit and vegetables in each formula, they are ahead of where the beverage industry is moving in terms of developing sustainable options for the conscious consumer — we’re thrilled to partner and help expand their brand presence in the US.” Zak Normandin, founder & CEO, Iris Nova.

      Alex Wright, co-founder of Dash Water said: “Having built distribution across Europe it’s exciting to take the business to the next level and unlock the US market. Prior to Covid-19, Dash was on sale in over 80 prime stores in New York via Iris Nova’s wholesale arm, where it performed exceptionally well. It’s clear consumers are looking for sustainably produced beverages which are also free from the usual high quantity of unnatural ingredients and we believe Dash is the perfect addition to the US soft drinks category.”

      Dash Water is currently supplied to 12 international markets including supermarkets in Belgium and Holland with further listings in France, Norway, Singapore with demand for further expansion.

      Dash Water is a British sparkling water that uses surplus fruit and vegetables that would usually go to waste, to create a delicious and refreshing soft drink, which contains no sugar, no calories, and no sweeteners.

      Since seizing a gap in the market in June 2017, the young entrepreneurial duo Jack Scott (29) and Alex Wright (28) have sold over 4 million recyclable cans of the British sparkling water in the UK and EU combined as consumers turn their back on traditional soft drinks.

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