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      THIS secures listing with Milk & More

      UK plant-based meat brand,?THIS, is launching its award-winning product range into Milk & More – one of the UK’s largest online supermarkets.

      THIS is breaking down barriers between plant-based and animal-based products by being listed in the Müller-owned online supermarket that was originally created to deliver dairy.

      THIS’ full range will be available, with products including Great Taste Award-winning THIS Isn’t Bacon rashers (£2.95), THIS Isn’t Chicken Tikka pieces (£2.95), THIS Isn’t Chicken Salt & Pepper pieces (£3.65) and THIS Isn’t Chicken Goujons (£3.85).

      THIS?co-founder, Andy Shovel, commented: “The launch into Milk & More marks a watershed moment for THIS. It’s one thing for us to be listed in the nations supermarkets, but how cool that we’re going to be working with a legacy dairy distributor. It feels like our own little part of history in the making.”

      Milk & More began as a dairy distribution service and is now owned by dairy behemoth, Müller, recognised globally for its yogurts. The pivot in direction and expansion into plant-based products signifies the rapidly rising demand for alternatives and sustainably produced food and drink.

      Milk & More’s ethos of sustainability marries well with THIS, whose products have minimal CO2 production emissions vs meat: e.g. beef produces 50kg of CO2 and pork produces 13.3kg of CO2 per kg of food produced, whilst THIS produces 1.2kg.

      In its first year (2019), THIS experienced considerable growth in retail (Waitrose, Ocado & Co-op), launching with wholesaler giant Brakes, as well as major chains including Honest Burger, Pho and Coco di Mama. The London-based business?has grown at a?compound rate of 35% month-on-month, on track for annualised revenue of circa £7-10m later this year.

      For more information, visit: www.this.co.

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