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      Upfield invests €50m into future of plant-based foods

      Upfield Group has announced its intent to invest €50m in a new state- of-the-art Upfield Food Science Centre in Wageningen, Netherlands.

      According to plans submitted to the local Works Council, the maker of plant-based margarines, spreads and cheeses intends to open the facility before the end of 2021.

      By choosing Wageningen as the location of the new Upfield Food Science Centre, the company wants to maximise the benefits of the surrounding area including its proximity to The Wageningen University & Research (WUR), which is ranked as the world’s leading university in agri-food and serves as the core of a leading agri-food ecosystem.

      Commenting on the investment, Group CEO David Haines said the announcement demonstrates its commitment to pioneer research and development.

      “Since Upfield was established under two years ago, we have already launched new and industry-leading plant-based cheese, cream, and butter products,” Haines said. “The new Upfield Food Science Centre will allow us to accelerate our ambitious agenda and develop even more options so people can enjoy great tasting, natural, plant-based foods that are not only beneficial to their health, but to the planet. As a global leader in plant-based nutrition, we are extremely excited by what this investment means for the future of the category.”

      John Verbakel, chief research and development Officer said: “Investment in the new Upfield Food Science Centre will give us access to state-of-the art equipment, technology and an inspiring and creative network of individuals and companies, allowing us to really push the boundaries of what we can achieve in natural, plant-based foods innovation.”

      Upfield, who is already headquartered in Amsterdam, has also committed to opening a new global headquarters office by the end of 2021.

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