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      Runamok Maple releases limited-edition Strawberry Rose Infused Maple Syrup

      Strawberry Rose Infused Maple Syrup being poured onto Japanese soufflé pancakes

      Runamok Maple, a Vermont-based producer of pure, infused, barrel-aged, and smoked maple syrups, has unveiled its latest limited-release Strawberry Rose Infused Maple Syrup.

      Crafted with just two organic ingredients – rose petals and strawberries – Runamok Maple says this smooth, silky syrup has a sweet and floral flavour profile that will pair well with summer cocktails, desserts, salads and breakfast dishes.

      “We’re excited about this new flavour, and we think it really embodies what Runamok Maple is all about,” said co-founder Laura Sorkin. “We pride ourselves on finding delicious high-quality ingredients and experimenting with them until we find a combination that we think our customers will love. With this Strawberry Rose Infused Maple Syrup, we think it tastes like summer and sunshine, so we’re looking forward to sharing it with everyone this season.”

      Led by Laura and her husband, Eric Sorkin, Runamok Maple offers a collection of 14 different staple flavours, including Bourbon Barrel-Aged, Cardamom-Infused, and Smoked with Pecan Wood. Additionally, the Fairfax, Vermont-based maple syrup producer occasionally rolls out limited-release and seasonal flavors, like Strawberry Rose Infused, to complement its year-round selection. On its website, Runamok Maple regularly shares recipes for breakfast items, desserts, savory dishes, and cocktails, showcasing the versatility of its products.

      Available in 250ml bottles for $16.95, customers across the US can purchase the Strawberry Rose Infused Maple Syrup online at runamokmaple.com and Amazon.

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