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      Rheality to host webinar on new ‘acoustic fingerprint’ technology for production lines

      Rheality to host webinar on new ‘acoustic fingerprint’ technology for production lines

      Rheality Ltd, a spinout from the University of Birmingham, will be casting a webinar in its novel rheology measurement technology at an Institute of Chemical Engineers event on Tuesday 14 July.

      Rheality is developing the technology for the food & drink, chemical and FMCG manufacturing industries, to provide a cost-effective device that delivers continuous rheological inline measurement.

      Currently, liquid and paste production lines take samples at regular intervals during production, to ensure quality control of the final product. Should the sample not have the desired properties, the batch needs to be either reworked or worst scrapped – and for example, in the FMCG sector, this is 14% on average of the output of these manufacturing lines.

      The technology from Rheality uses an acoustic sensor to ‘listen’ to the fluid in the pipe, and an AI intelligent machine learning algorithm (patent pending) to convert the signal into real-time measurements of rheological properties such as viscosity and flow rates.

      The fluid sensor system was co-invented by Dr Federico Alberini, an expert in rheology measurement and liquid product formulation, and Daniel Hefft, a post-graduate researcher at the University of Birmingham. Both will speak at the event, giving a preview of how the technology works, its industrial applications, benefits and how it could revolutionise inline flow measurements.

      The webinar “Listen to Your Process – a novel technology development in fluid flow characterisation”?is on Tuesday 14 July at 2.00pm BST (9.00am EDT/3.00pm CEST). It is free to attend, and registration is available here.

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