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      European Carton Excellence Award winners revealed

      European Carton Excellence Award winners revealed

      Roku Gin has been crowned as the Carton of the Year. Image courtesy of Pro Carton

      The judges of the European Carton Excellence Awards 2020 have crowned Van Genechten Packaging’s Roku Gin?(featured image) as the Carton of the Year. The winner was announced during the first ever virtual Carton E-vent & Awards ceremony on 7 October, co-hosted by Pro Carton, the European Association of Carton and Cartonboard Manufacturers, and the European Carton Makers Association (ECMA).

      Roku Gin’s packaging was created using cartonboard from Stora Enso and was chosen as Carton of the Year for its aesthetic beauty, print and finishing quality and for the way it successfully conveys the product’s story. The gift box has six corners which symbolise the six Japanese botanicals used in Roku – which itself means six in Japanese – whilst the embossing and floral print express Japanese courtesy. The packaging provides excellent visibility and protection of the product, while educating and enticing the consumer, says Pro Carton.

      European Carton Excellence Award winners revealed

      Re-Fruiter Tray was the winner of the Innovation Award

      The Innovation Award went to Snel BV’s Re-Fruiter Tray with cartonboard from Smurfit Kappa Hoya Papier und Karton. The pack features a grid-like tray which has a die-cut profile with a pattern of angled elements that are joined together to form a flexible surface. The recyclable packaging protects soft fruits during transportation removing the need for plastic trays and bubble wrap.

      European Carton Excellence Award winners revealed

      Eco Fit Lid was the winner of the Save the Planet award?

      The jury concluded that Seda International Packaging Group’s Eco Fit Lid was a worthy Save the Planet winner. The cartonboard lid, used Stora Enso’s new cartonboard manufacturing technology and is reportedly perfect for both hot and cold beverages and provides a safe drinking experience. It is fully recyclable and compostable, making it the ultimate sustainable solution to the plastic lids often used by fast food outlets.

      Category winners

      European Carton Excellence Award winners revealed

      Korpikuusikkon Honey gift pack was the winner in the Food & Drink Virgin Fibre category

      ?Cadpack won the Food & Drink Virgin Fibre category with its Korpikuusikkon Honey gift pack made from Mets? Board material. The luxurious pack has a tactile surface and print effects that enhances the customer experience by inviting consumers to touch and feel.

      European Carton Excellence Award winners revealed

      Enovo Egg Carton was the winner in the Food & Drink Recycled Fibre category

      Alzamora Carton Packaging won the Food & Drink Recycled Fibre category for its Enovo Egg Carton made with board manufactured by Baden Board. This simple pack is made up of a cellulose base and a lid, which uses a minimal amount of material, but still retains a premium look. It provides a sustainable alternative to the plastic egg packaging available, as it is made from recycled fibres and is both recyclable and biodegradable.

      Public Award

      European Carton Excellence Award winners revealed

      KeelClip was the winner of the Public Award

      Lastly, it was Graphic Packaging International’s KeelClip that was voted the winner of the Public Award. It is a sustainable paperboard packaging solution for multipack cans and is designed to replace the traditional plastic rings that harm wildlife. KeelClip’s benefits go beyond its environmental advantages as it also offers excellent handling and can dispense features.

      Tony Hitchin, General Manager of Pro Carton said: “We are delighted that the disruption brought about by the global pandemic has not impacted this year’s standard of entries into the European Carton Excellence Awards. The number and quality of submissions was phenomenal and highlighted the versatile nature of cartonboard.

      “Cartonboard is an opportunity for us all; it’s the best solution in the packaging sector as it is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable and thus a pillar of a modern circular economy. Cartons are not only superior in terms of sustainability, but also in terms communication.? The Awards demonstrate just how well cartons protect and promote brands as well as looking after the environment.”

      To view all entries and winners of?the European Carton Excellence Awards 2020, visit:?www.procarton.com/awards/carton-excellence-award/2020.

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