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      FiE Preview: Sugar replacers on show

      FiE Preview: Sugar replacers on show

      KreglingerAt FiE 2013, Kreglinger Specialties – the UK distributor of Beneo’s ingredients for healthy nutrition – will present the Beneo-Orafti range of inulin and oligofructose ingredients, along with the Beneo-Palatinit range of isomalt and palatinose.

      These fibre, sugar replacers and functional carbohydrates enhance Kreglinger’s confectionery portfolio. The distributor also offers naturally sweet stevia from Real Stevia; rice starch as an alternative to TiO2 from Beneo-Remy; high quality colours from Sancolor; and a range of conventional and exotic flavours from Cramer.

      Kreglinger Specialties will be at stand 8A49.

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