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      D?hler expands yellow natural food colour range

      D?hler expands yellow natural food colour range

      Doehler_CCC2.0D?hler has extended its spectrum of the Crystal Clear Colours range with a new soft yellow shade alongside the vibrant orange and yellow tones. The company notes that previously, the only way to achieve a ‘warm orange’, ‘shining yellow’ or ‘soft yellow’ in clear beverages without affecting the taste and stability was by using artificial colours.

      The colour tones in the D?hler Crystal Clear Colours range display optimum stability and a particularly balanced sensory profile in transparent beverages, without the use of any artificial ingredients at all, according to the company.

      The Crystal Clear Colours 2.0 are based on natural colouring principles such as paprika extract, beta-carotene and lutein. Thanks to this use of exclusively plant-based raw materials, the colours are also suitable for vegetarian and vegan products.


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