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      Dawn Foods launches new range of fudge icings

      Under its Baker’s Select brand, Dawn Foods has launched a range of ready to use Fudge Icings. The icings come in six options: white, lemon, strawberry, toffee, chocolate and coffee. To use, the icings need to be warmed to 40-50 ?C in a bain marie and then can be used for many applications, from icing […]

      High temperature certification of ovenable films

      New printed ovenable films from TCL Packaging are the first in the UK to have been successfully tested to 220°C, 450°F Gas 7 with Smithers Pira. Managing director Mike Golding explains, “We decided to extend the test boundaries after we became concerned that not all printed ovenable films on the market are verified. It’s vital […]

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      Alternative to sleeves for cup packaging

      Greiner Packaging International has developed an alternative to sleeves for special shaped cup packaging in the form of K3 D. K3 stands for Karton-Kunstoff-Kombinationen (cardboard-plastic combinations) and the D stands for the deformability of the cardboard wrap. The new technology makes it possible to deform a cardboard wrap in the third dimension to decorate a […]


      Warding off February food blues

      February can be a rather dreary affair in many respects. However, the food and drink industry is not in the same position during this particular time of year. February allows us to get an overview of the new regulatory introductions from the beginning of the year as well, a good perspective on the year to […]


      Chr. Hansen upgrades centre for colouring foodstuffs in Italy

      In order to better support food manufacturers with colouring foodstuffs, Chr. Hansen has significantly upgraded its processing, warehousing and laboratory facilities for food ingredients with colouring properties in Canossa, Italy. “We have been offering colouring foodstuffs as part of our natural colors portfolio for years, but now we have launched a new strategy under the […]


      New raw material for pink/violet shades

      Wild Flavours has introduced a new raw material as a source for the pink/violet shade – the purple sweet potato. With the purple sweet potato containing anthocyanin, Wild can now provide a broader range of purple shades to meet the food and beverages industries’ demand for natural colours. Wild is always looking for new resources […]

      WhiteWhey introduced as alternative to annatto

      Chr Hansen, a global bioscience company that develops natural ingredients, has introduced a new cheese colouring product that enables producers of cheddar and gouda cheese to get more value from their whey while maintaining an aesthetically-pleasing appearance of their cheese products. Whey – the liquid remaining after milk has been coagulated and drained – is […]

      Eziglaze added to clean label glaze range

      Ulrick & Short, a British owned clean label starch specialist, has announced the extension of its range of clean label non-GM glazes, to include Eziglaze C. The Eziglaze range has now been extended for all different pastry types and is suitable for hot cross buns, sausage rolls, chilled or frozen pies, morning goods, among other […]

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      FiE Preview: Sugar replacers on show

      At FiE 2013, Kreglinger Specialties – the UK distributor of Beneo’s ingredients for healthy nutrition – will present the Beneo-Orafti range of inulin and oligofructose ingredients, along with the Beneo-Palatinit range of isomalt and palatinose. These fibre, sugar replacers and functional carbohydrates enhance Kreglinger’s confectionery portfolio. The distributor also offers naturally sweet stevia from Real […]


      Coconut milk powder offers natural flavour

      Sternchemie has introduced SternCream, a spray-dried coconut milk powder that has a multitude of uses and offers many benefits for industry and large-scale food preparation. It can be used in wet and dry products, can easily be processed, and has a long shelf life. Its very high coconut milk content gives it a characteristic mild […]


      Gluten free brioche loaf and breads introduced

      Gluten free supplier Dr Sch?r is committed to investing in the gluten free bread category after announcing the launch of the first to market Brioche Loaf and newly rebranded Wholesome White and Seeded Loaves under the DS-gluten free brand. These latest additions are in line with a wider business aim to grow the gluten free […]


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