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      EFSA revises caramel colour exposure estimate

      EFSA has revised its estimate of consumer exposure to three caramel colours – E 150a, E 150c, E 150d – used in a variety of foods and beverages. Using new data on the levels of the three caramel colours as they are used in food and drinks as well as new consumption data, EFSA has […]

      DSM announces Fortitech deal

      Royal DSM is strengthening its human nutrition business with the acquisition of Fortitech for £399 million (€499m). New York-based Fortitech manufactures customised, value-added food ingredient blends for the food and beverage industries “Customers in food and beverage are increasingly looking for solutions providers offering a broad range of food ingredient blends that cover a more […]


      The future’s orange for Chr Hansen

      Chr Hansen has extended its I-Colors range with the addition of a new orange shade. The range, launched last November, features natural colours developed for instant powder drinks, which are popular in South America, US, the Middle East and Asia thanks to their ability to withstand warm conditions and long shelf life. “The new I-Colors […]


      Milestone for corrugated packaging

      Corrugated packaging is celebrating its 130th birthday by looking to the future, according to the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) Corrugated Sector. The packaging material was first developed in the United States for wrapping fragile items such as bottles. However, it was another American, Robert Thompson, who patented the machinery to produce corrugated board in […]

      EFSA revises guidance on caramel colours

      The European Food Safety Authority’s scientific Panel on Food Additives and Nutrient Sources added to Food has assessed the safety of a group of caramel colours authorised for use in food in the EU, and revised the previously established Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI). The Panel also looked at the safety of some by-products resulting from […]

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      Six more food firms ditch ‘Southampton Six’

      The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has updated its list of product ranges that do not contain the six food colours associated with possible hyperactivity in young children. Six manufacturers producing product lines free of the colours have been added to the list. They are Central Foods Ltd, Dorset Cereals Ltd, Kent Frozen Foods, Norvik Foods […]

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      FSA’s ‘traffic light label’ rethink

      The Food Standards Agency has unveiled plans for new front-of-pack (FOP) nutrition labelling which it says will ‘help consumers make healthier choices when they buy food’. In March 2006 the FSA recommended a set of principles for FOP labelling that would help consumers understand the levels of fat, saturated fat, salt and sugars in food […]

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      ADI action on ‘Southampton Six’

      The European Food Safety Authority has lowered the acceptable daily intake (ADI) for three of the so-called Southampton Six food colours, but none of the scientific reasons given is associated with hyperactivity. A study published in 2007 concluded that cocktails of six artificial food colours – Allura Red (E128), Ponceau 4R (E124), Quinoline Yellow (E104), […]

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      Burnt sugar flavour breakthrough

      Specialist food colouring company DD Williamson has developed a breakthrough natural acid-stable burnt sugar flavour which, it says, responds to demand for clean-label flavours. Applications include beverages and sauces, with the non-GM product offering stability in phosphoric acid, citric acid, alcohol (60%) and salt (15%). “Class one (plain) caramel colours and burnt sugars are not […]

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      More companies say no to ‘Southampton six’

      More food businesses have joined those that have already stopped using the six food colours associated with possible hyperactivity in children. Among those now producing product lines free of these colours are three manufacturers and a chain of restaurants. Debenhams restaurants are now ensuring that all food served on the premises will be free of […]


      Southampton six safety review

      A verdict on the safety of the so-called ‘Southampton six’ food colours is imminent after EFSA confirmed that its food additives panel is scheduled to discuss the review findings later this month. A spokesman says that should the panel adopt any opinions from the review process, the views will be published in mid-October following the […]


      Oh so Naturally Fabulous

      The Fabulous Bakin’ Boys have launched a new range of adult snacks. The Naturally Fabulous bars are the culmination of two years research and development. Naturally Fabulous products are nut free, made from ingredients that are free from any artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and hydrogenated fats. All eight bars are individually wrapped for convenience and […]


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