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      New Tetra Pak PDC open for business

      Food processing and packaging solutions firm Tetra Pak has announced the opening of a Product Development Centre (PDC) in Shanghai, China. The centre provides local dairy and beverage companies with the processing, packaging and powder handling equipment that will enable them to quickly and efficiently develop high quality products, says the company. “Part of Tetra […]


      Tate & Lyle signs Soda-Lo agreement

      Tate & Lyle has announced that it has signed an exclusive, worldwide licence agreement with Eminate, a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Nottingham, UK, for its novel salt reduction technology. The product, currently known as ‘Soda-Lo’, enables added salt levels to be reduced by up to 30 per cent in foods such as […]


      Bakery benefits of new texture solutions

      Bakery manufacturers can now benefit from what manufacturer Cargill is calling an ‘inspired new palette of bakery filling recipes’ that it says capitalises on its application expertise in both pectin and starch. Used at different ratios, the balanced combination of pectin and starch offers enhanced functionality and optimal texture in all types of bakery fillings, […]

      Brewing breakthrough

      A sensor that measures dissolved oxygen in beer products has been unveiled by the Process Analytics arm of Mettler Toledo. Dissolved or residual oxygen can affect the quality and shelf life of beer – problems which the company has addressed with its chemo-optical technology. The sensor, called the InPro 6970i, is also said to reduce […]


      New challenges for Bramleys

      Last year it was the Magners cider phenomenon that affected Bramley apple supply. This year the Bramley is facing slightly different challenges, according to successful grower and supplier of processed fruit fillings, Fourayes. With unfavourable weather conditions contributing to smaller fruit sizes and lower than anticipated yields this season, the overall tonnage of Bramley available […]

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      Mr Bagels launches Hi Energy Bars

      Bagel producer Mr Bagels has launched a range of health conscious bagels – low in fat and high in fibre. Hi Energy Bagel Bars are available in two flavours, Bran and Seed and Bran, Cranberry and Pumpkin Seed. The latter contains less than 3g fat each. The bars can be enjoyed straight from the pack, […]


      Low cider sales will ease burden on apple industry

      Soaring demand for cider has been a key contributor to the booming UK apple industry over the last 12 months. However, a poor summer has contributed to lower than anticipated sales of the beverage this year. While this is on the one hand unfortunate news for the industry, on the flip side it could ease […]

      Tetra Pak to invest extra £30 million in China

      Tetra Pak has announced its intention to invest an additional £30 million into its hi-tech 620m RMB(£60m) plant in Beijing. The investment is designed to double production capacity from eight billion packages to 16 billion to meet growing demand in the Chinese dairy market. A second laminator will be installed in the Beijing plant, and […]

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