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      Claranor announces PET preform sterilisation

      With commercial activity starting 2010, Claranor has introduced the Pulsed Light Sterilisation technology in the beverage and dairy industry. This technology enables an extremely rapid surface sterilisation without chemicals, with low energy consumption and operating costs, and limited capex. Claranor has installed >200 cap and cup sterilisation units throughout the world on PET lines as […]

      Fit to peel

      Crown Food Europe is launching Peelfit, a metal can designed for the dry food market to address demands for greater convenience, lightweighting and product protection.

      Bespoke non-drip hygienic stainless steel filling nozzles

      Working in collaboration with key engineers from a leading UK Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, Axium Process?has developed a? new hygienic filling nozzle design that has helped eliminate potential cross contamination or lost product with associated down time caused by standard filling nozzles dripping excess material onto bottles during liquid filling processes. The nozzle, which is manufactured from […]

      WPP sealer

      Thiele Technologies, a Barry-Wehmiller company, has released its new Woven Poly Propylene (WPP) Sealer for the Star Series line of bag filling machinery.

      Biscuit production ramped up

      GEA’s bakery technology companies, Comas and Imaforni, have built a complete line for the production of wire-cut and soft centre biscuits at Khong Guan’s factory.

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