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      Hygenic load cells from HBM provide weighing solution

      To meet the strict hygiene regulations required in production, HBM, market leader in the field of test and measurement has recently introduced the PW25 and PW27 range of load cells, which have been designed for use in filling systems and packaging plants, in multi-head combination weighers and static scales.

      Fruit and nut efficiency

      A 14 head Ishida CCW-R multihead weigher is enabling German fruit and nut snack specialist Farmer’s Snack meet increasing demand for pocket sized packs.

      Filling and packaging

      Wine specialist South Wine Company (SWC) is expanding its range of packaging and is now making its Odyssey brand wines available on the Russian market in aseptic carton packs.

      Packaging sterilisation

      Suitable for ESL > 60 days filling lines, Claranor equipment for the internal and external sterilisation of flat caps has been developed and implemented for the first time on a filling line of ESL fruit juices.


      New seed blends

      EHL Ingredients has launched a new range of seed blends to help food manufacturers create exciting new recipes and formulations for savoury biscuits and crackers.

      Slime time

      UK supplier of American snacks and confectionery Innovative Bites has signed a deal with Hostess to distribute its limited edition Twinkies Ghostbusters Key Lime Slime product in the lead up to the film’s UK release.

      Contamination prevention

      A new Bulk-Out Bulk Bag Discharging Station from Flexicon prevents cross contamination during material changeovers, while eliminating downtime associated with cleaning of hoppers.

      Repeat order

      Kliklok has won an order to supply two JR carton forming machines to Heilmann in Germany to erect tapered trays made from biodegradable and recycled board, packing fruit and vegetables.

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      Output doubled for SME

      Ramona’s Kitchen, which produces 50 tonnes of Mediterranean inspired food a month, has doubled its capacity since semi-automating its production facility with Endoline Machinery.

      March 2016

      Product Focus: Alcoholic beverages Ingredients: Beverage ingredients Processing: Lubricants & machinery maintenance Packaging: Metal packaging Show Coverage: Euro CanTech (4-6 April); Foodex (18-20 April)

      Digital printing introduction

      DataLase’s new inline digital printing technology enables brand owners, co-packers and converters to generate high quality graphics while minimising costs and boosting supply chain efficiencies.

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