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      Long and lean

      Fanuc has extended its M-10iA range of materials handling robots with the introduction of the M-10iA/8L.

      Quark pots

      Newly launched natural food brand Nutrii is introducing protein packed and virtually fat free quark products to the UK market.

      Fast case marking on show

      At PPMA, Rotech unveiled its new RF-Box Feeder, launched in response to enquiries from food and FMCG packers wanting to code secondary flat pack boxes and cartons offline.

      Flexible filling machine

      At its Kumla site in Sweden, Orkla Foods Sverige has replaced two existing filling machines with one filling machine from SIG Combibloc.

      Boxing off spuds

      A fully automated case erecting and sealing line has enabled Bennett Potatoes to fulfil its need for improved pack presentation.

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