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      Sidel involved in LiquiForm development

      Sidel has announced its early participation in the development of LiquiForm technology. LiquiForm is a patented blow moulding and filling manufacturing technology that uses consumable liquid instead of compressed air to hydraulically form and fill plastic containers on one machine simultaneously, reducing cost and waste. It has the potential to be employed for a wide […]


      May 2014

      Product Focus: Organic and Fair Trade Ingredients: Sweeteners, Allergens Packaging: Liquid filling Processing: Mixing and blending, Dairy processing

      Self-venting microwave packaging

      Mondi has introduced SteamPack, microwaveable packaging with a self-venting function, produced with a hot-melt adhesive, for frozen, chilled and ambient-temperature food. It is also suitable for high-barrier modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). The steam valve can be applied to a multitude of different packaging solutions, such as pillow bags, stand-up pouches, lidding films or VFFS solutions. […]

      Fonti Di Posina invests in Sidel’s combined blow fill cap solution

      Fonti Di Posina, an Italian bottling company, has invested in Sidel’s new aseptic combined blow fill cap solution with dry preform decontamination – Combi Predis FMa. The technology removes the need for any bottle rinsing and enables lightweighting of the company’s 1.5 litre bottles. The aseptic PET Combi achieved 95% efficiency while allowing doubling of […]

      Flexicon offers FLEXI-DISC line of Tubular Cable Conveyors for fragile materials

      Flexicon is now offering its FLEXI-DISC line of Tubular Cable Conveyors for fragile materials, integrated with upstream and/or downstream equipment that sources material from single or multiple locations and delivers it selectively to storage vessels, filling machines or other processing equipment. Upstream equipment ranges from Inlet Hoppers and Metering Devices to Bulk Bag Dischargers, Drum/Box/Container […]

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      Food Option filling machines from SIG Combibloc

      SIG Combibloc have launched Food Option filling machines, filling machines based on their standard technology but which allow operators to fill a range of additional food products. The new machines enable manufacturers to include up to 10% of chunky product ingredients. The size of the particulates can be up to 6 mm, and fibres can […]

      Tetra Pak launches first bio-based cap for gable top

      Tetra Pak has launched the first bio-based opening for gable top packages. Manufactured using high density polyethylene (HDPE) derived from sugar cane, the bio-based version of TwistCap OSO 34 marks another step forward in Tetra Pak’s ambition to make fully renewable packages. In 2013, the company delivered 1.1 billion bio-caps globally, an increase of more […]


      Dawn gets fruity with new fillings range

      As part of its major American Bakery Campaign 2014, Dawn Foods has extended its range of fillings and toppings with a selection of ready to use fruit fillings featuring real whole fruit, developed especially for the UK and Irish bakery markets. Dawn’s new fillings are available in seven flavours – blueberry, raspberry, black cherry, red […]


      Tetra Pak launches Tetra Brik Aseptic 250 Base Crystal

      Tetra Pak is launching the Tetra Brik Aseptic 250 Base Crystal. Featuring two crystal shaped panels on the front side of the familiar Tetra Brik Aseptic, the new package provides customers with more graphic design possibilities. “As consumers have less time to choose from an increasingly wide range of products, differentiation becomes more important to […]


      Wild berry fruit fillings from Puratos

      Puratos has launched its new Topfil range of fruit fillings for its bakery, patisserie and chocolate customers. The range includes up to 60% wild fruit sourced from the Baltic forests. Puratos has selected wild berries for its fruit filling range. Consumer tests and sensory taste panels show a preference for wild berries over cultivated berries, […]

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