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      Recycled PET bottle for functional fruit drink

      PET packaging specialist APPE has worked with Oji and Hero to produce an environmentally friendly 100 per cent recycled PET (rPET) bottle for Oji’s ‘sustainable’ functional fruit drink. The Oji drinks are available in four variants featuring different fruits and health benefits. All contain caffeine from green coffee beans to provide a mild energy boost […]

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      Vision system reduces keg filling line stoppages

      A vision system developed by Olmec UK is being used to check that the correct beer kegs are present in the correct orientation on the filling lines at Molson Coors brewery. The vision system inspects the special filling tube in top of the keg, known as the spear, to determine whether the keg can proceed […]

      Coconut milk powder offers natural flavour

      Sternchemie has introduced SternCream, a spray-dried coconut milk powder that has a multitude of uses and offers many benefits for industry and large-scale food preparation. It can be used in wet and dry products, can easily be processed, and has a long shelf life. Its very high coconut milk content gives it a characteristic mild […]


      Clear polypropylene containers

      An ultra-clear polypropylene-based material from RPC Tedeco-Gizeh is enabling fresh and convenience food suppliers to enhance brand image, emphasise product quality and create effective on-shelf appeal. The new Ppure containers offer strong transparency to provide a cost-effective alternative to the more traditional APET formats, with their clarity ensuring that products are presented to their best […]

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      Pacepacker bagging line makes the grade

      For just over a decade, Pacepacker Services’ Total Bag Control (TBC) bagging system installed at Pasta Foods has adapted to meet the company’s changing needs and has continued to provide reliable, dust-free operation. Pasta Foods is a producer of snack pellets and dry pasta. Based in the UK, the operation supplies customers with tailor-made solutions […]

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      Chainless drive handles preformed cups

      Oystar Hamba has introduced MultiFormat, a chainless transport system that increases the availability of machines for handling preformed cups by up to 25%. The automated format changeover results in an increased production time, caused by format change over time reduction. For example, a single person can handle a cell plate change without tools in less […]

      New range of frostings introduced

      Renshaw, a manufacturer of baking ingredients, has expanded its range of frostings, designed to meet the rising demand for convenient, ready-to-use toppings. The company, which produces a wide range of ready to roll icings, marzipan and bakery toppings, has seen a record 30% increase in sales of frostings over the past year, and has been […]

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      Nampak unveils new UK site

      Nampak Plastics, a UK-based producer of plastic milk bottles, has opened its new fully operational plant at its Dove Valley Industrial Park in Foston, South Derbyshire. Mark Allen, CEO of Dairy Crest and Eric Collins, MD of Nampak Plastics unveiled a plaque to celebrate the venture, which will create new jobs at the plant. The […]

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      New 100°C hotmelt adhesive for packaging

      With an application temperature of 100°C, Technomelt Supra 100 Cool from Henkel is believed to be the new record-holder among hotmelt adhesives used in the packaging industry. Combined with the benefits of the Supra product range, this innovation delivers higher efficiency in packaging production while also promoting sustainability in customer operations. The ongoing drive toward […]

      Sine pumps used for hazelnut spread transfer

      A Kessko factory in Bonn, Germany is using four MasoSine SPS series pumps supplied by Watson-Marlow Pumps Group to help deliver high-quality ‘sweet’ products to customers in the bakery, confectionery, ice cream, biscuit and soft drink trades. At the heart of this effort are SPS pumps that offer reliable service and include the transfer of […]

      Ravioli range chosen by competition winners

      Ugo Foods, a manufacturer of chilled pasta, has unveiled a unique range of fresh raviolis. The three varieties are winning entries from its ‘Design Your Own’ competition – a contest which offered the general public the opportunity to design their own ravioli filling and to have their recipe packed into Dell’Ugo’s free-range egg pasta. The […]

      New batch mixer adds value

      Tetra Pak Processing has added a new model to its range of batch production units for food processing. Tetra Albatch 1 is a basic batch unit for smooth and particulate liquid foods and can be used in batch production or for pre-treatment in a continuous production system. Flexible, versatile and easy to use, it is […]


      Wine packaging innovation with an ‘unexpected twist’

      Two global wine packaging specialists, Amorim and O-I, have announced the launch of Helix, a cork-glass wine packaging innovation for the popular premium, fast turnaround still wine segment. The new ‘twist to open’ concept combines an ergonomically-designed stopper made from cork and a glass bottle with an internal thread finish in the neck, creating a […]


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