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      Fizzy drinks


      Soft drinks levy is ‘irresponsible meddling’

      The proposed sugar tax levy on the UK soft drinks industry, which was announced by chancellor George Osborne in his Budget speech earlier this year, has faced further criticism with the TaxPayers’ Alliance claiming it is ‘regressive’ and ‘nothing more than a tax on the poor’.


      Low calorie ice tea

      Natural drinks brand Virtue Ice Tea has launched two ice tea varieties: Lemon and Strawberry & Peach. At only 19 calories per 100ml, the low calorie ice tea is enriched with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and contains no refined sugar or artificial ingredients. With its list of clean label ingredients, Virtue aims to appeal to […]


      Sense and sensibility

      I have just received an invitation to tour a sensory testing lab next month and I am looking forward to it already – I will learn if I have the sensory acuity to be a sensory taste panelist.


      French crush on Britvic

      French company PAI Partners is tipped as the favourite to acquire British-based soft drinks firm Britvic, which is reported to be the target of an international takeover. Britvic is said to be struggling in the fizzy drinks market as health-conscious consumers look for alternative options. The company, which owns Robinsons in Norwich and the Tango […]

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