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      Healthy heart

      Frutarom Health has introduced CitrOlive, a patented natural ingredient which combines a synergetic action of a formulation of olive and citrus extracts backed by extensive research of key phytochemicals, polyphenols and flavonoids.


      Omega-3 product

      Archer Daniels Midland Company has introduced Onavita, a fully refined, non GMO flaxseed oil that provides a cost effective solution for customers looking to add an on trend, heart healthy ingredient to their latest food innovations.

      Solactis Group achieves new European health claim

      Solactis Group, specialist of bio-science based ingredients designed for human nutrition and animal feed companies, has welcomed a new approval from the European authorities:? “Consumption of foods/drinks containing Galactofructose instead of sugars induces a lower blood glucose rise after their consumption compared to sugar-containing foods/ drinks.” This confirms the strategic orientations on the new health […]

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