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    Sweet and sour

    As I wrote last week, sugar has been high on the food and drink agenda this year, and the debate shows no signs of abating.

    New Fruit Shoot flavour

    Britvic Soft Drinks is adding a new limited edition flavour to its Robinsons Fruit Shoot no added sugar range. The new Peach & Mango variant has been launched to widen the range of products to choose from, ensuring there is something for every child and every occasion. According to the company, parents can feel good […]

    SHELF LIFE – Round-up

    Here is your weekly round-up of Shelf Life news. If you have a news item you would like to submit for next week’s round-up, please contact Carly Wood at [email protected] Pip & Nut is shaking up the nut butter category with the launch of three new products: Peanut Butter, Almond Butter and Coconut Almond Butter. […]


    Surprize treats

    Bon Bon Buddies has launched a new kids’ collectable confectionery onto the market. The building block shaped Surprize Qubes offer children a sweet treat, which can be consumed, collected and played with. The Qubes are available with Barbie, Super Mario and Despicable Me 2 branding. Each individual block contains a 10g pack of strawberry flavoured […]

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    SHELF LIFE: Weekly round-up

    Here is your weekly round-up of Shelf Life news. If you have a news item you would like to submit for next week’s round-up, please contact Carly Wood at [email protected] Produced by Smithfield Foods, French’s Hot Dogs are the latest addition to the brand’s range of mustard, relishes, sauces, and salad dressings on offer in […]


    New flavour

    As part of its recent re-launch, kids’ cereal bar brand Harvest Cheweee has launched its first new flavour in three years – Strawberry Crush. The new flavour was launched after consumer research revealed 58 per cent of cereal bar shoppers said that new flavours would be the biggest incentive to purchase Harvest Cheweee bars more […]

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    ’emphasis on food safety’

    Unitherm Food Systems’ new CEO Mark Smith predicts continued growth in the consumption of pre-cooked and packaged foods as disposable incomes rise in developing economies around the world.

    Vegesentials expands range with new children’s product

    The ‘Fresh Kids On The Go’ range is the newest product from Vegesentials, the UK’s first raw, unpasteurised fruit and vegetable drink brand. Having provided consumers with juices and smoothies with high nutritional value since launching in 2012, the family run company is now expanding its offering with a new line especially designed for children. […]


    Sunny D launches Sour Cherry Twist flavour

    Sunny D, a kids’ juice drinks brand from Refresco Gerber, is launching a new Sour Cherry Twist flavour aimed at the family market. The tangy Sour Cherry Twist flavour came out top in taste trials carried out among 200 consumers as part of the brand’s new product development process. The new Sunny D Sour Cherry […]

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