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      UK retailers hit target on environmental pledges

      With less than a month to go before the crucial Copenhagen climate change conference, a string of major household-name UK retailers say they have met challenging environmental pledges ahead of schedule, and are committed to meeting even more demanding targets. One of their key achievements is a 130,000 tonne reduction in the amount of waste […]


      Praise for packaging figures

      The amount of packaging used per capita in the UK has remained virtually static over the past decade while recycling rates have more than doubled, according to new EU figures. INCPEN (Industry Council for Packaging and the Environment) says data released by the European Commission showed packing totals per capita in the UK were 176kg/ […]

      A glass of its own

      A new study shows consumers are just as likely to buy products in jars and bottles made with mixed colour recycled glass as they are to purchase items in clear glass packaging – a finding that could boost demand for containers with high recycled content. WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme), which commissioned the research, […]

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      PET project for Nestle

      Food giant Nestle has announced that it is launching a new range of mineral water in the US packaged in bottles consisting of 25 per cent recycled PET (rPET). The Re-Source brand, which will be backed by a recycling initiative, will be sold exclusively at Whole Foods Market outlets in the US, where consumers will […]


      Recycling first for Rachel’s

      Organic dairy brand Rachel’s says it is the first ever yogurt producer to use recycled plastic in its yogurt pots. Until recently, the plastic inner pot was made of polystyrene but it is now made of 60 per cent recycled PET, known as r-PET. “Using recycled plastic saves energy and so reduces the carbon footprint […]

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      ENVIRONMENT: UK supermarkets say yes to new logo

      Top UK supermarkets have signed up to a new recycling logo for consumer packaging, aiming to show how much of it can be recycled and where. Operated by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) under a company called On-pack recycling label (OPRL), the scheme is designed to replace the current array of symbols that it claims […]

      Wine industry lightens up

      CO2 emissions have been cut by over 28,000 tonnes, equivalent to taking more than 8,500 cars off the road, as a result of industry programme GlassRite Wine. The project, funded by Waste & Resources Action Programme, has shown that bulk importing of wine into the UK and the use of lighter weight bottles can lead […]


      Envirowise calls for collaboration on compliance

      Food and drink manufacturers should focus on working with their supply chains in order to fully realise the opportunities presented by packaging minimisation, say sustainability experts Envirowise. As Defra announces tougher business targets for packaging recovery and recycling rates until 2010, companies need to increasingly assess the risks and opportunities of compliance for them and […]

      Waste water threatens survival

      Savings of up to £1,000 (£1,470) per employee could be made if UK food manufacturers use more effective waste management techniques, according to business advisory organisation Envirowise. And sooner or later for many companies, waste minimisation will not be a matter of choice, but a survival issue, warns the organisation. Packaging, water use and recycling […]


      Coca-Cola goes green

      The Coca-Cola Company has released its third annual report on the environment detailing gains in water, packaging and energy efficiency. The 2004 study details progress in company and bottler operations that improved water use ratios, increased energy efficiency and improved recycling efforts. “This report shows that we are serious about our commitment to the environment, […]

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