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      Plastics recycling targets ‘overstretched’

      BPI Films has warned that increased plastics recycling targets will increase costs and damage existing recovery infrastructure??. The claim was made by BPI managing director Andrew Green at the launch of its new £2 million (€2.4m) co-extrusion line.? “We have absolutely no issue with stretching recycling targets. Indeed, as the largest recycler of polythene film […]


      Prestigious green award for Continuum Recycling

      Continuum Recycling – ECO Plastics’ joint venture with Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) – has been recognised at the Green Business Awards 2012. Sam Richardson, representing ECO Plastics, and CCE’s Patrick McGuirk accepted the Partnership Award given in recognition of Continuum’s impact on the domestic recycling sector, as well as for the partnership’s ongoing engagement with supply […]

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      ProPac set for 2013 return

      The UK processing and packaging exhibition dedicated entirely to the food and drink sector, Pro2Pac, is set to make its return next March. And, say organisers, it will be the biggest and best yet. The biennial event will be back with a brand new layout that reflects its ‘focus on visitor experience’. “Incorporating a host […]

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      Coca-Cola fizzing with pride

      Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) and Coca-Cola Great Britain (CCGB) both received accolades at the recent Food and Drink Federation (FDF) Community Partnership Awards in London. CCE was presented with the top award in the Environmental Leadership category for its initiative to ‘Reduce the carbon footprint of the drink in your hand by a third by 2020’. […]


      Coca-Cola’s Olympic recycling effort

      Coca-Cola has announced that it has recycled 10.5 million bottles collected from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, returning them to GB shelves as part of new bottles. This has resulted in 42 million bottles, each containing 25 per cent rPET. “The success of this large-scale bottle-to-bottle recycling process is part of Coca-Cola’s commitment […]


      Top news for recycling

      The Co-operative has reduced the tint in all of its own-brand plastic coloured milk bottle tops, to make it easier for them to be recycled into new bottles. The food retailer sells 202 million bottles of milk every year, and says that, previously, the amount of recycled plastic that could be used to make new […]

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      Smurfit Kappa bags Baguin

      Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box has acquired Argentinian company Baguin, specialising in bag-in-box solutions across Latin America. European firm Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box now has six facilities in France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Canada and now Argentina. Baguin was founded in 1992 in Buenos Aires. The factory is equipped with several modern production lines for the manufacture of bags, […]

      Otter sustainability rewarded

      The UK-based Otter Brewery in Luppitt, near Honiton, has scooped a prestigious industry award for its ‘market leading green ethos and unrivalled environmental commitment to producing quality beer’. The company won the ‘Best Sustainability’ category at the 2011 Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) Business Awards in London, having been praised for a range of green […]

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      WRAP unveils ambitious new waste prevention plan

      Plans to save seven million tonnes of CO2, prevent three million tonnes of waste and save the UK economy almost £2 billion (€2.26bn) have been unveiled by WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme). According to chief executive Liz Goodwin, the focus will be on preventing waste occurring in the first place, with continuing emphasis on […]


      Tetra Pak reveals ambitious environmental targets

      Tetra Pak has announced plans to cap carbon emissions at 2010 levels by the end of 2020, and increase efforts to double the recycling rate for used beverage cartons by the end of the decade. The 10-year targets are part of an ambitious new environmental programme that, says the company, is designed to deliver on […]


      Don’t forget to put packaging to the test, says Campden BRI

      As the spotlight continues to shine on retailers’ and manufacturers’ efforts to meet the environmental targets set out by phase two of the Courtauld Commitment, Campden BRI is urging companies to carry out stringent tests to ensure packaging is fit for purpose. “Courtauld Commitment 2 has moved the packaging waste issue away from solely weight-based […]


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