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      soft drinks


      Claranor announces PET preform sterilisation

      With commercial activity starting 2010, Claranor has introduced the Pulsed Light Sterilisation technology in the beverage and dairy industry. This technology enables an extremely rapid surface sterilisation without chemicals, with low energy consumption and operating costs, and limited capex. Claranor has installed >200 cap and cup sterilisation units throughout the world on PET lines as […]

      Lorien boosts packaging expertise with new appointment

      Lorien Engineering Solutions has further strengthened its team with the appointment of Chris Bullock as packaging engineering manager. Chris is responsible for the management, resourcing and technical outputs of the packaging department and will manage engineering projects. The Burton on Trent-based engineering design and project management firm specialises in food, brewing, drinks, life sciences, biotech, […]

      Going hard on soft drinks

      The soft drinks industry has suffered some negative spotlight this year, from NHS England’s plans to cut sales of sugary drinks on NHS premises to Action on Sugar’s criticism of the sugar content of fruit drinks – and of course the UK government’s announcement of a soft drinks industry levy from April 2018.

      October 2016

      Product Focus: Soft drinks Ingredients: Functional Ingredients Processing: Logisitcs Packaging: Caps & closures; PET packaging Show Coverage: FoodTech (1-3 November, Herning, Denmark); Brau Beviale (8-10 November, Nuremburg, Germany); All4Pack (14-17 November, Paris, France)

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